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1. Included Timer Paid to Click View with Animation Progress and Fixes some bug on this highlights.

2. Included Earn Money by View Youtube Videos. Likewise bolster Google Adsense Ads on View Page with clock and Animation Progress.

3. Client Can Earn Money By Invest Their Any Crypto Currency Also Supported Normal Currency. You can call this component like HyIp, BitCoin Doubler, Investment ETC.

5. Completely Working Membership System. I Fixes All Membership Bugs.

6. Moment Money Deposit System.

7. Disconnected Money Deposit System. You can call this Local Payment.

8. Gigantic update on Referral System. For example, User Sign Up Bonus, Sign Up Bonus on Who Share Referral connection and Who Sign up bu That Link. Store Bonus By Referred User Deposit. Acquire Money By Referred User PTC and PPV View, Earn By Referred User Membership Upgrade.

9. Fixes All Bug on Money Transfer System. Client Can Transfer Funds Deposit, Referral, Account Balance to Deposit and Account Balance. Additionally Can Transfer Funds Member To Member With Email Notifications.

10. Client Can See their Money and Crypto Currency Investment Details

11. Client Can See their Investment Interest History, Fixes Some Bug User Withdraw History and Deposit History.

12. Client Can See Referred Users Paid To Click, Paid To View Video Ads, Membership Upgrade, Deposit Bonus and Self Earning History on Earning History Option.

13. Fixes Some Bug on Profile Page and Email Verify. Additionally include User Identity Verify and Proof of Address Verify. You can call it KYC Verify.

14. Compose audit/tributes for site and submit for affirmed

14. Included Auto Email Notify When User do Login, Create Support ticket, Receive Support Ticket Reply Form Admin, Sending Money To Other User, Receive cash from other client, KYC Verify ETC.


1. Fixes Bugs on Paid to Click and Paid To View. Administrator Can Set Time, Set Ads Specific Membership on Paid To Click And Paid To View, ETC.

2. Administrator Can Send Emails to Any client on his site. Likewise Can send any untouchable individuals from Admin Panel. No Need to go gmail or any others site for send messages. Administrator can see All Emails from his Inbox on administrator board.

3. Administrator can see, alter all site client profile other any benevolent information. Administrator Can Create another client with any inconvenience. Simply put email and name that is it. Framework Automatically make his impermanent Password, other’s information and send that data to email address. After client get their email and login that information framework will disclose to him power change their secret word with update profile information.

4. Completely Featured Blog/News/Promotion/Article/Event System with Category and Tags.

5. Completely Featured Investment System. Administrator Can Create Investment Plan with Minimum and Maximum Invest. Can Be Set Hourly,Weekly, Monthly Any benevolent Time Based Duration with Return Investment Interest Percentage. Likewise Can set what number of time client get their advantage. Administrator need to fill that information. Framework will naturally carry out that responsibility.

6. Administrator Can Create Fully Featured Membership System, for example, set reestablish date, value, term and so on.

7. Administrator Can Set Instant Payment Gateway Fixed and Percentage charge. Dynamic and De-Active Gateway Status.

8. Completely Featured Local Gateway it implies Admin Can Create Any Kind Payment Gateway with Gateway Fixed and Percentage charge, Active and De-Active Gateway Status. Substantially More.

9. Completely Featured Deposit System. Administrator Can See Latest Instant Deposit, Verify their Local Payment store, acknowledge and dismiss installment with extortion store.

10. Presently User Withdraw System. Client solicitation pull back and administrator send cash then simply need snap total catch. That is it..!

11. Completely Featured User Support Panel, Admin can answer his client bolster ticket and see shut help ticket.

12. Know Your Customer (KYC), Yes it is for Verify client Identity and Proof of Address. Client Submit their National Identity Card, Passport, Driving License and Other Docs of Proof of Address, Admin saw that solicitation on administrator board and acknowledge or dismiss his solicitation.

13. Administrator Can be endorsed/dismiss User Review/Testimonials, Admin Can Edit Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition Page, Anti Money Launder Page, KYC Policy Page with Published and Un-Published Option. Likewise Can Create Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q).

14. Completely Featured Website Settings System. Administrator can Edit Site Name, Site Tile, Company Name, Contact Email, System Contact Email, Company Address, Contact Phone, Disqus Comment System, Live Chat System on Admin Panel with no code.

15. Administrator can be Turn On or Turn Off any site Features with a single tick. For example, Paid To Click (PTC), Paid to View (PPV), Payment Proof Page on landing page, Latest Deposit and Withdraw data on landing page, Member to Member Money Transfer, Membership System, Investment System. This element can be Off or On whenever from Admin Panel with no code.

16. Administrator Can set Minimum Deposit, Minimum Withdraw, Maximum Withdraw, Self Transfer Commission charge, Member to Member Transfer expense, Sign up reward, Referral Link Share Bonus, Referred Sign up Bonus, Referred Deposit Bonus, Referred Membership redesign Bonus, Referred Paid to Click and Paid to View Bonus ETC.



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